Aurat Ki Kahani

Short glimpses about the life of women: education, marriage, and work.

Basra Kay Saib

This play highlights male jealousy, violence on women, especially the so-called Honour Killing issue.

Main Kon Hoon

The issue of polygamy and the status of women is highlighted.

Story Of A Woman And Six Men

This play highlights sexual harassment and violence against women.

Aglay Janam Mohay Bitya Na Kijyo

Gender biases from childhood are highlited and violence against the girl-child.

Jungle Jungle Zindabad
A delightful musical comedy for people of all ages- especially children. The issue of environment and how it affects human beings and animals alike.

Meri Zindagi Ka Safar

The play raises issues of the adolescent girl -child, menstruation, and reproductive health of women.

Dhiyan Malay Pardes
The play deals with the issue of forced marriages and women’s right to choose. The script is based on real-life case studies of girls who are daughters of immigrant families from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, born and brought-up in UK, but forced into marriages against their will.

Rang Badal Lo Bhai

A hilarious satire on the hypocrisy and morality of society.

Akhir Kyun?
Based on true incidents and case studies of Honour Killing. Provokes an active dialogue on Honour Killings.